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Bella | Tuberose + Amberwood | Discovery Set

Bella | Tuberose + Amberwood | Discovery Set

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🌸 Bella 🌸

This year (2023) Bella got a much-needed scent makeover that has proven to be well-loved, as it turned into an instant customer favorite. Our custom blend is an olfactory masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the Meadow meets Forks on a warm Spring Day. A truly ethereal fragrance that unfolds like a gentle breeze, carrying whispers of love, nature, and the ethereal beauty of Bella's world.

Notes of Angelica and Amberwood, create a harmonious blend that mirrors the natural beauty of the Meadow on a warm Spring Day. The crispness in the air and the subtle sweetness of blooming flowers dance together, evoking the magic of the season.

The heart of "Bella" reveals a delicate bouquet of Tuberose and Jasmine, adding a touch of floral elegance to the fragrance. 

The carefully curated notes create a non-cloying, ethereal fragrance that transcends the ordinary. The delicate balance makes it perfect not only as a candle but also as a captivating perfume, allowing you to carry the essence wherever you go.

*Note: The images here are for reference only. You will receive one Bella Candle with this choice.


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