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Black Wolf Pack | Juniper + Patchouli | Discovery Set

Black Wolf Pack | Juniper + Patchouli | Discovery Set

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🐺 Black Wolf Pack 🌲🌧️**

Our Black Wolf Pack candle embraces the untamed spirit of the Pacific Northwest Rainforests. Immerse yourself in the invigorating blend of Juniper, Clove, and Patchouli, echoing the strength and camaraderie of a wolf pack on the move as hints of Vetiver and Rosemary lend warmth. This fragrance is a refreshing and bold declaration, daring you to run with Wolves, always. Transport yourself to the rugged north Coasts of the Olympic Peninsula, where the Black Wolf Pack roams freely, embodying the wild and free spirit within us all. Embrace the call of the wild with every flicker and experience the untamed beauty of nature in the comfort of your space. 🌌🕯️ #BlackWolfPackCandle #PacificNorthwestWilderness #RunWithWolves

 *Note: The images here are for reference only. You will receive one Black Wolf Pack Candle with this choice.


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