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Sleepless Beauty {Rosalie Hale} | White Rose + Fir | Limited Edition

Sleepless Beauty {Rosalie Hale} | White Rose + Fir | Limited Edition

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🕯Welcoming back, "Sleepless Beauty", a fragrant dedication to the exquisite Rosalie Hale. Crafted with Rosalie's enchanting presence in mind, this candle encapsulates the allure of her beauty and the ethereal essence of the forest she calls home. 🌹🌲 

The delicate, timeless aroma of white roses, symbolizes the unparalleled beauty that defines Rosalie. The scent unfolds like a bouquet, infused with invigorating notes of fir needles and blue spruce. Delicate hints of lemon flowers add a subtle, uplifting touch, and warm and woody undertones of sandalwood add depth to the fragrance, creating a harmonious blend that mirrors Rosalie's complex character and the layers of her immortal existence. ✨🍋

🌹🌲 Elevate Your Space with Sleepless Beauty – Where Elegance Meets Fragrance.** #SleeplessBeautyCandle #TwilightInspired #EternalElegance 🌙🕯


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