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Dr. Fang {Carlisle} | Oakmoss + Mahogany

Dr. Fang {Carlisle} | Oakmoss + Mahogany

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Dr. Fang is an exquisite creation inspired by the refined essence of Carlisle Cullen. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated blend of rich wood fragrances, carefully curated to capture the essence of this iconic character.

🕯 The rich and warm embrace of mahogany sets the foundation of this fragrance, while lavender and oakmoss blend with the rosy nuances of geranium, adding a touch of freshness to the composition while balancing the warmth of the woodsy notes with subtle floral sophistication. Resinous notes of cedar and oak seamlessly intertwine, creating a harmonious symphony that enhances the overall complexity of this fragrant accord, reminiscent of Carlisle's timeless and refined character.

Our "Dr. Fang" Candle is designed to transport you into the world of Twilight, capturing the essence of Carlisle Cullen's character with every flicker of the flame. Whether you're a devoted Twilight fan or simply appreciate the artistry of fine fragrances, this candle promises an immersive and sophisticated aromatic journey.

Embrace the allure of "Dr. Fang" as it fills your space with the timeless and captivating ambiance inspired by the Twilight series. Indulge in the extraordinary blend of woodsy and aromatic notes that pay homage to the esteemed patriarch of the Cullen family.

🌙✨ Elevate Your Space with Dr. Fang – Where Elegance Meets Fragrance. 🕯🍎 #DrFangCandle #TwilightInspired #FineFragrance


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