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Midnight Sun | Pomegranate + Cedar | Discovery Set

Midnight Sun | Pomegranate + Cedar | Discovery Set

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🌅 Midnight Sun 🌅

Crafted to capture the essence of eternal love. This timeless scent is loved by our customers and a continued reorder. 

Luscious notes of Pomegranate unfold like a forbidden fruit, while the grounding embrace of Cedarwood harmonizes with the crisp aroma of Pacific Pines. This aromatic duo brings to life the enchanting landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where the saga's timeless story unfolds and Amber adds an elegant depth to the fragrance. Hints of Musk linger, adding a touch of mystery to the fragrance.

Elevate your space with the essence of "Midnight Sun" and let the fragrance transport you to Edward's side of the story. 🌌🕯️

*Note: The images here are for reference only. You will receive one Bella Candle with this choice.


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