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Miss Americana {Strawberry + Vanilla} 4 oz Parfum

Miss Americana {Strawberry + Vanilla} 4 oz Parfum

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Our” Miss Americana" fragrance is one that encapsulates the essence of unbridled joy. A harmonious blend of honey, vanilla, and citrus, creates a refreshing and uplifting introduction that sets a refreshing tone.

As the fragrance evolves, delve into the heart of "Miss Americana" with the sweet and playful fusion of strawberry and raspberry. These middle notes infuse a burst of fruity delight, embodying the carefree spirit of happiness that defines the fragrance.

Our Parfums are designed to create sensory delight!! 🌿 Our phthalate-free formula ensures a pure experience, free from harmful chemicals. 💫

Please be sure to keep away from the eyes, mouth, and nose. Do not use on broken skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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