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The Lion & The Lamb | Cedar + Meadow Flowers | Limited Release

The Lion & The Lamb | Cedar + Meadow Flowers | Limited Release

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🕯✨ And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb..."

 Lion and the Lamb is a fragrant ode to timeless romance. This dazzling blend is a sensory journey that unfolds the essence in every delicate note.🌿🌸

Step into a meadow of blossoming flowers, where the fragrant blooms grow into Pacific Northwest cedar forests, whispering tales of eternity. The woody aroma evokes the enduring strength of their connection, grounded and unyielding.
Symbolic of love, the scent of roses weaves through the fragrance, embodying the profound connection that Bella and Edward share. Each whiff is a petal unfurling, revealing layers of a love that defies time. Enveloping the senses like a veil of mystery, the faint hints of forest fog add an ethereal quality to the blend while
fresh spring grasses bring a lively vibrancy, representing the new beginnings and eternal renewal that define a journey to forever.🌅📖 💑🕯


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