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A Bookish Scent for our Bookish Friends!

📚✨ Dive into the enchanting world of Thunderbird and Whale, now a permanent member of our Twilight lineup! 🌌✨ Due to overwhelming love from our customers, we're thrilled to add this once limited-edition captivating scent to our collection. 🕯️📚

Immerse yourself in the essence of bookstores and libraries – a fragrance that's both comforting and addicting! 📚💫 Join us on this aromatic journey that brings your favorite literary moments to life. 🌠✨

Indulge in the magic 🛍️✨ #TwilightCollection #BookloversDream #ThunderbirdAndWhale #ScentedJourney 🌙📖

"Thunderbird and Whale" is a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of a cherished visit to your favorite Cottage Bookstore. This candle invites you into a world where the scent of well-worn leather, the earthy aroma of pine, and the mysterious allure of incense converge in a harmonious symphony that ignites the imagination. Picture yourself surrounded by shelves of literary treasures, each page infused with the rich notes that make this experience unforgettable.

As you breathe in the fragrance, subtle hints of rosemary dance in the air, adding a touch of freshness that complements the cozy atmosphere of the bookstore. The underlying musk notes provide a warm and inviting backdrop, creating a comforting ambiance that lingers, much like the fond memories of an afternoon spent immersed in captivating stories.

"Thunderbird and Whale" is a fragrance that transports you to the heart of literary nostalgia. Light it while reading your favorite novel or listening to the gentle crackle of vinyl, and let the fragrance evoke the warmth and charm of your go-to Cottage Bookstore. Immerse yourself in the world of words and scents, creating an experience that is as timeless as the stories you hold dear.

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