My love of candle-making started in 2000 as a part-time gig to accompany my small home decor business. Ultimately that took a back seat to the hustle of young adulthood, and my full-time job won out. Many years later, I would find myself retiring from my professional Photography career to start another small business in our new town. I opened the Woodland Cottage in Saint Helens, OR in 2015 and subsequently went back to doing something I loved in what seemed like a lifetime before. I started the Great Northern Sundry in the summer of 2015, hoping to offer custom luxury candles and personal care products inside the Cottage. My main goal was to provide PNW items that people could bring home with them anywhere in the World to reflect on their love of it here as well.

My business name was derived from a lifelong love of David Lynch and Twin Peaks. I grew the line two years later with Twilight-themed candles since we were located in Saint Helens - where much of the original Twilight was filmed. 

The Great Northern has and will always remain focused on the beauty that surrounds us and keeping practices as sustainable and eco and human/pet friendly as possible.

While we are now called The Great Northern Candle Co., we have always stood by the same principles and philosophies;

  1. Use the highest quality ingredients we can source sustainably for our planet.

  2. Create one-of-a-kind products that are healthy and not harmful in any way.

  3. Give back socially and economically to help our planet and those living here.

I am happy to be growing the GNCC in 2023 and look forward to sharing newly inspired lines that align with a peaceful life. I am always open to collaborating and creating one-of-a-kind products for you and your business. Please use the contact form if you are interested in doing so!


Thanks for taking the time to read more about what makes the GNCC awesome!