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my new favorite perfume!!

i got the small tester size of this perfume a few months ago because i was looking for a nice cherry scent that wasn’t ONLY cherry. i absolutely LOVE twin peaks, so when i came across this one, i knew i had to give it a try. this has become my new go-to scent and it is beautiful. i love that, while it still has the definite cherry element, it fades into more of that smokiness throughout the time i wear it!!

Wonderful perfumes! Laura and Cooper are total standouts and really excellent.

Loved them all! If you are a Twin Peaks fan you need everything single item!

I hope they are planning on selling a bug bottle of this one!

Great scent that encompasses Laura

Great scent that really encompasses Laura, moody and mysterious, very faintly sweet.

My New Signature Scent

I’ve always been a Twin Peaks girl, especially a Laura Palmer girl, and I’m so glad this exists! I originally got the small size to try it out along with some of the other Twin Peaks scents (all amazing), but this is by far my favorite. I didn’t know how the sour cherry was going to factor into the scent in the beginning, but it smells so delicious! The way the scent wears and fades as I go throughout the day is beautiful, and I swear it lasts for 12+ hours which is the longest I’ve ever had a perfume last on me. So happy I have the full size now!!!


I LOVE this scent! I normally am into really fresh and fruity scents but this one was an unexpected favorite! While I prefer Laura, this scent is wonderful. And I see why Dale Cooper loved it, it definitely was a hit with the older men in my life haha!

Absolutely Unique

I have never smelled any perfume as amazing as this one! The sour cherry is really heavy at first but that woodsmoke scent that comes out as it settles is divine! Definitely a favorite!

Oh how I love anything with cedar and sandalwood and this is no exception. Warm, woodsy and addicting!! Can’t get enough of Bois Precieux!!

Alluring and mysterious!! Courtney has a way of mixing scents to evoke the exact feel of the people and places she is inspired by. The moody vibe in Twin Peaks is definitely felt in these beautiful scents!! Love this one!!

Of all of the six discovery scents I tried Laura has to be my favorite!! The sour cherry notes with the smoky undertones is so entrancing and delicious!! Will definitely be adding a full size to my collection of GNCC scents!! So addicted!!

Josie is a perfect cozy and endearing scent!! This is definitely one of my favorites from the discovery set. Can’t wait to buy a full size bottle!!

Forever smells so beautiful!! Feminine but with a beautiful warmth to it. I LOVE being able to try all of the perfumes in the discovery scent!! So fun and helps me decide which one I will purchase as a full size.

Smells awful 😖 The packaging is cute though

Interesting scent but it grows on you! I feel dreamy already

As a huge Twin Peaks fan, I ordered the Audrey perfume because of the notes. I was a bit hesitant because I loveee fruity smells, and am not really keen on musky or floral scents. At first the scent is strong and not overly fruity... I would describe it as sophisticated and romantic. But I loved the way this transformed on my skin throughout the day! It's nice to have a perfume where the scent lasts longer than a few minutes. I also received a free "Benjer" candle (that smells so yummy) and the sweetest note saying my candle was upgraded from 2oz to 4oz! I can't wait to try the Laura scent next :)

absolutely amazing

I’m totally obsessed with this scent. I want to bathe in it! Please ALWAYS keep it in stock!!! 🖤🖤🖤

Amazing Scents and Great Service!

The Laura perfume is just divine. The cherry note is crisp but the warmth underneath really settles on the skin. Also they sent me a 4oz candle for free that smells like baked bread!

Outstanding Service

First of all, I absolutely adored the Laura scent. The hint of smoke under the cherry works so well. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. I would love to shout-out Courtney who helped we out with a typo on my zip code and was able to fix it before the package was shipped. She also went out of her way to send a sample of the "Dreamy" Audrey Horne scent (which I'm also obsessed with) after seeing my updated name on my shipping information. Love the support, the service, and real passion these folks have for what they do.
Thanks again! Highly recommend.
-Audrey ❤️

WOW! All I can say is wow. I was skeptical smelling this at first as I have a weird brain-nose connection to cherry cough syrup, but that note fades in 2 mins or less. This scent is addicting. Fades to a sweet smoky wood. I think I may have found my signature scent, which makes sense as Laura Palmer is one of my all time favorite characters. Not super strong, which I’m okay with. Unsure on the wear time, but it definitely lasts a few hours well. This is masterful.

This scent really transforms on me over its wear time but I think I enjoy every stage equally! The sour cherry starts strong almost candy-like, but fades relatively quickly, leaving the woodsmoke/pepper and sweeter notes behind. It fades over time into a more subtle woody scent but the sweeter notes still keep it warm and comforting! It could just be how it sits on my skin, but the honeysuckle and apricot almost transform into a vanilla scent to me. (Also it doesn’t hurt that I share a name with Laura Palmer so it feels like this perfume was made just for me)

Such a FUN way to try so many beautiful perfumes! LOVE this set and I I love how you can hand select which ones you want to try in the set. They all smell so unique and Courtney has a way of blending scents that is next level! My favorites in the set are “Laura” and “Josie”.