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Great Northern Candle Co.

The Great Northern {Amber + Tonka Bean} Candle

The Great Northern {Amber + Tonka Bean} Candle

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Experience the opulence of "The Great Northern," our signature fragrance meticulously crafted to transport you to the epitome of sophistication and luxury. Inspired by the ambiance of a grand hotel lobby, this complex blend beckons you into a world where every note is a symphony of elegance and refinement.

At the top, be enveloped in the invigorating freshness of Lavender, and green leaves, setting the stage for a scent experience that mirrors the crisp, welcoming atmosphere of The Great Northern Hotel. This is my imagining of what the Hotel would have smelled like upon entering, back in the heyday of Twin Peaks.

As the fragrance evolves, revel in the aromatic richness of coffee, maple and cedar at its heart. These middle notes create a warm and inviting ambiance, reminiscent of the comforting aromas wafting from the hotel restaurant—a sensory indulgence that evokes both relaxation and sophistication.

The journey culminates in the base notes, where amber, vanilla, tonka bean, and patchouli intertwine to create a luxurious and lasting impression. These elements evoke the timeless elegance of a grand establishment, leaving an unforgettable trail that lingers in the air, much like the refined atmosphere of the hotel.

This is a one-of-a-kind blend that is designed to elevate your space and transport you to moments of luxury.


Please see our "FAQ's" for more info on our vessels, and how to repurpose or recycle them! Thank you!


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