Candles and gratitude. The Great Northern Candle Co. | Pouring in the PNW since 2015

Candles and gratitude. The Great Northern Candle Co. | Pouring in the PNW since 2015

Thanks for stopping by! I want to make a quick post to introduce myself and share a bit about the GNCC. Of course, you'll already know much of this if you've been a customer for a while! However, I am excited to move forward with the GNCC fill-time as my time at Woodland Cottage (and the Cottage) comes to a close.

My name is Courtney, and my love of candle-making started 15 before I started this business. In 2001, I began making pillar and hand-dipped candles to complement my home decor business. Sadly, that all took a back seat to my full-time job, and I wasn't inspired to start again until 2015. I founded this company to create pieces of the PNW that people could take home to recollect their time when Fernweh called. My inspiration for everything I have ever made is derived from our beautiful surroundings and lifestyle in the PNW, with a splash of pop culture to keep it fun!

It has always been important that our products are sourced with the highest quality, eco-friendly ingredients. For example, our Candles are all phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free and free from animal testing. They are also designed with reuse in mind so that items can easily be repurposed, cleaned, and donated to continue functionally in the World. 

We have had the pleasure of selling our candles all over the World and are continually doing little happy dances when we receive orders from new places or reviews that keep us going! 

Our candles are formulated with natural, high-quality waxes that provide long burn times, which our wood wicks compliment. Our fragrances are all proprietary blends that can only be found here!

Some of our best sellers and favorites are Cigarettes After Sex, Forst Haus/Cullen House, Edward, Folklore, Pictures of You, Witchy Woman, and Wanderlust.

We're currently amid a shop relocation, so our production times are 2-3 business days, but we have ample stock ready to go!

If you're new here, use the code: NEWHERE for 10% off of your first order! 

 Thank you for taking the time to check out my small business. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to create with love and that people love it in turn. 

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