Twilight Eclipse Luxury Blend Candle Sandalwood Vetiver

STOP! Candle time!


I am super excited to see so many new faces here! Welcome!

I have been working hard on several projects and am REALLY excited to announce a few things!


  1. Starting tomorrow, we are REDOING our annual sale and, yes, redoing it. We usually only have one sale a year, but I ran the last sale while shutting down my shop of eight years and didn't give it the love and attention it deserved. THEREFORE, I will rerun the sale starting tomorrow and run it through Tuesday, May 16th! It’s a great time to stock up on your favorites.
  2. The sale will start Friday at 7 am, and discounts will be taken automatically! No need for any codes! Shipping is not included in the sale.


The sale is as follows:

• $5 off of Jar/Rocks Glass Candles

• 20% off of Merch

• $2 off of Soap and other fragrance items!

• Due to the nature of Limited Release and Collector’s items, they will not be included in the sale.


   2. SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ARE COMING!!!! Be on the lookout for the official announcement! Here are a few details!

Customers can choose a monthly option or save by choosing a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription 

• We will have a few different tiers available, with one even including PLANTS! 

• Shipping will be included in all subscription boxes and factored into the price.


  3) Last but not least! We are going WHOLESALE! If you have a favorite local shop where you'd like to see our candles, please send them our way! We would love the opportunity to get your candles to you in your hometown!









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