Don't throw out those vessels! Upcycle them!

Don't throw out those vessels! Upcycle them!

At the GNCC we are big on reusing and recycling! All candles are designed with reuse in mind and we'd like to share some tips on how to easily clean out those vessels so you can use them in your home even longer.

Today we are talking about the ceramic candle vessels that house our limited edition candles. They are an absolute favorite of ours because they come with a cute cork lid so they can be repurposed as catch alls or for housing your favorite little collectibles. My most favorite and obvious use for them though is as a planter. They are perfect for propagations and 4" plants that will take some time to grow. Even better for cacti and succulents!

Please research your plant needs prior to planting as these do not offer drainage (for obvious reasons! LOL), but there are great additives like activated charcoal, and rocks to create drainage for your plant fam. Youtube is an excellent source and we recommend this post from Pistil's - our favorite nursery! 

NOW. Down to the nitty gritty.

Since your pots will have a layer of wax (if you're burning according to directions), you're going to want to scrape it out with a silicone spatula or something that can easily get the wax out. A metal spoon will do but it may damage the bottom of the vessel. Once you have scraped out what you can, be sure to take the wick holder out with pliers or whatever you are scraping with may be able to do the trick. Fill a small pot with a couple of inches of water and bring to a simmer. Place the vessel inside of the simmering pot to liquify any remaining wax. Once it has liquified (should be quick!) pour into your wax melter to use that remaining scent, or into your trash receptacle. Once the vessel has cooled, wash with soap and water and repurpose to your liking!

Be sure to share what you do with your vessels by tagging us in your photos with #GNCCUP and if we share your image you will win a free candle! 

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