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Great Northern Candle Co.

Coastal Reset {Sea Salt + Mint} Candle

Coastal Reset {Sea Salt + Mint} Candle

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Introducing Coastal Retreat, a meticulously crafted fragrance inspired by the untamed beauty of Vancouver Island. Born out of a deep love for this coastal haven, this bespoke blend captures the essence of the rugged landscapes that have captivated my heart since I was a child. Over 37 years, my affection for the coast has grown, and Coastal Retreat is a tribute to those cherished moments. Immerse yourself in the scent that embodies the spirit of this breathtaking island escape, with notes of sea salt, mint aqua Fresca, beach fire, balsamic woods, and coastal rain. Experience the sensory celebration of Vancouver Island with Coastal Retreat, a masterpiece that resonates with the spirit of the Great Northern Candle Co.


Top - Salty Sea Air, Mint Agua Fresca
Middle - Beach fire, Ocean Mist, Coastal Grass
Base - Balsamic Woods, Coastal Pines

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