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Great Northern Candle Co

Coastal Reset {Sea Salt + Mint} 4 oz Parfum

Coastal Reset {Sea Salt + Mint} 4 oz Parfum

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Coastal Retreat is a bespoke fragrance born out of a profound love for the wild and rugged beauty of Vancouver Island, a place that holds a special spot in my heart. 🌊✨ Crafted as a homage to this coastal haven, this custom blend encapsulates the essence of the untamed landscapes that have captured my heart since 1986. Over 37 years, my love has deepened with each visit to the coast, and "Coastal Reset" is a sensory celebration of those cherished moments. Immerse yourself in the scent that embodies the spirit of this breathtaking island escape. 🏞️🌲 

This fragrance is a symphony of sea salt, mint aqua Fresca, and the subtle embrace of beach fire. Balsamic woods and the touch of coastal rain complete this olfactory masterpiece, resonating with the spirit that inspired me long before the inception of the Great Northern Candle Co.

Our Parfums are designed to create sensory delight!! 🌿 Our phthalate-free formula ensures a pure experience, free from harmful chemicals. 💫

Please be sure to keep away from the eyes, mouth, and nose. Do not use on broken skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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