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Woodland Cottage {Sweetgrass + Cedar} Candle

Woodland Cottage {Sweetgrass + Cedar} Candle

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Step into the nostalgic embrace of the Woodland Cottage with our signature candle, a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of the enchanting space that captured hearts in Saint Helens, Oregon, since 2015. This candle is a testament to cherished memories, an olfactory journey that recreates the comforting aroma that defined the Cottage experience.

At the top, breathe in the invigorating notes of Pine, Sweetgrass, and Cedar, reminiscent of the fresh and rejuvenating air that surrounded the Woodland Cottage. These top notes set the stage for an aromatic voyage, transporting you to the heart of the Pacific Northwest's lush landscapes.

As the fragrance unfolds, notes of patchouli, juniper, and balsam intertwine to create a luxurious and multifaceted aroma. This blend mirrors the diverse elements found within the Woodland Cottage, offering a sensory experience that is both grounding and revitalizing.

Whether you experienced the Woodland Cottage firsthand or are discovering its essence through this candle, the fragrance holds the power to transport you to a place of tranquility and warmth. Light the candle, and let the harmonious blend evoke the memories of good times and shared moments within the Cottage's walls.

With its year-round versatility and universal appeal, this candle has become a customer favorite, a sentiment echoed by its creator who regularly burns it at home. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the Woodland Cottage, and let the flickering flame carry you back to the cherished moments that inspired this one-of-a-kind luxury fragrance.


Candle Sizes are available as follows and samples of sizing are shown below:

10 oz - Green Glass Tumbler (lid available separately)

8 oz - Amber Glass Jar w/lid

4 oz - Amber Glass Jar w/lid

Please see our "FAQ's" for more info on our vessels, and how to repurpose or recycle them! Thank you!


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