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La Push, Baby | Moss + Sea Salt

La Push, Baby | Moss + Sea Salt

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"La Push," an enchanting fragrance inspired by the magical trails of the La Push rainforest, promises a sensory journey through the lush and whimsical landscapes that captivate the senses. Imagine the delight of winding through the trails to Second Beach, where nature unfolds its wonders in every step. This candle encapsulates the essence of this experience, creating an olfactory masterpiece that transports you to the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

This fragrance captures the very spirit of the trails with notes of the wet forest floor, bringing to life the earthy richness of pine needles, ferns, and moss. The aromatic dance of cedar adds a grounding touch, reminiscent of the towering trees that characterize the La Push forests. To complete the sensory symphony, the fragrance is touched by the invigorating aroma of Pacific sea mist, invoking the bracing breeze and the meeting point of the forest and the sea.

"La Push" is a testament to our deep love for the La Push forests and the breathtaking beaches that lie at the culmination of the trail. Let this candle bring the magic of the rainforest into your space, filling it with the fresh, invigorating scents that make La Push a truly extraordinary destination. Illuminate your surroundings with the essence of the Pacific Northwest and let the trails of La Push come alive in the flickering glow of this captivating fragrance.


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