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Jacob | Vetiver + Clove | Luxe Wax Melts

Jacob | Vetiver + Clove | Luxe Wax Melts

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🔥Jacob 🌿🍂

Another all-time customer favorite, our "Jacob" fragrance embodies the essence of this beloved Twilight character. The carefully crafted notes of Vetiver lend a grounding touch, mirroring Jacob's connection to nature and the earth. As the scent unfolds, the invigorating scent of Clove embraces you, echoing the fierce loyalty and determination that defines Jacob Black. To sweeten the experience, the lingering aroma of Brown Sugar adds a comforting and inviting layer, reminiscent of the character's warm and affable nature. "Jacob" was blended to magically elevate every space and is also an amazing unisex Parfum 🌌🕯️


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