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Northern lights - Luxe Wax Melts

Northern lights - Luxe Wax Melts

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"Set the night on fire if we want to, hanging out with the stars and the big moon.."

Smells like: Sitting on driftwood giants, watching the lights dance in the sky.

Salty sea air floats along with top notes of driftwood, amber and moss. Hints of beach grass, orange and eucalyptus round out this candle to make it one that you won't want to be without. A sexy, unisex scent that is perfect in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living area. Make sure to pair it with a room spray for your bathrooms!

Our wax melts are handcrafted, one by one, so no two are ever the same. Designed to give you a show while they melt down. They are comprised of high quality, ethically sourced  coconut and beeswax and the same proprietary fragrance blends as their candle counterparts, to give hours of lasting fragrance in your living spaces.

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