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Chief Swan | Rainier Hops + Flannel

Chief Swan | Rainier Hops + Flannel

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🍺🌲 Welcome back, Chief Swan. If only for a moment. This Candle is an homage to the endearing character that is Charlie Swan. Inspired by his unique personality and the elements that define him, this candle offers a captivating blend of scents that transports you to the misty town of Forks at Charlie's front door.

🕯Grounding notes of Cascading Hops and Pine dance with comforting notes of flannel, and musk. We borrowed a bit of inspiration from Charlie's brand of beer, Rainier by adding hints of grapefruit, and pine. We couldn't leave out important notes of Black Coffee Beans,  and a hint of musk to finish out a fragrance that IS uniquely Charlie.🚔🌲 

Light the "Chief Swan" Candle to experience the nuanced fragrance inspired by a character whose quiet strength, love for nature, and unintentional humor have left an indelible mark on Twilight fans. The intricate blend of notes transports you to the heart of Forks, where Chief Swan's enduring presence is encapsulated in every aromatic whiff.

Whether you're a Twilight fan or someone seeking a unique PNW-inspired scent, the "Chief Swan" Candle offers an aromatic journey that celebrates the essence of this beloved literary figure. 🚔🌲


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